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General Election on Tuesday, November 4th

At the General Election, Newton residents will be voting for all 24 members of the Board of Aldermen and 8 School Committee members.

List of Polling Locations

The Newton League of Women Voters and NewTV have collaborated on making Candidates' Statements and the Candidates Debates available on the NewTV Cable channel. Here are the broadcast times.

Newton residents Miles Fidelman ( mfidelman@ntcorp.com) and Karla Hailer-Fidelman have set up a Newton Election Forum for discussion of the upcoming elections. Disclaimer: while the Newton Election Forum is part of Neighborhoods.Net, as is this site (The Newton Citizens Web Pages), the Forum is independently run, and has no relationship with this site.

Below is a list of all candidates for Alderman and School Committee member, organized by Ward. Where I have been able to find a web site for these candidates, I am providing it. In addition, I'm providing a link to their entry in the Newton Municipal Election Voters' Guide provided by the League of Women Voters.

If you know of a relevant web site not listed, please send me e-mail at bobbifox@newtoncitizens.com.

Alderman Candidates

Candidates for Ward 1 Alderman-At-Large

Candidate for Ward 1 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 2 Alderman-At-Large

Candidates for Ward 2 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 3 Alderman-At-Large

Candidate for Ward 3 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 4 Alderman-At-Large

Candidates for Ward 4 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 5 Alderman-At-Large

Candidates for Ward 5 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 6 Alderman-At-Large

Candidate for Ward 6 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 7 Alderman-At-Large

Candidates for Ward 7 Alderman

Candidates for Ward 8 Alderman-At-Large

Candidates for Ward 8 Alderman

School Committee Candidates

Candidates for Ward 1 School Committe Member

Candidates for Ward 2 School Committe Member

Candidates for Ward 3 School Committe Member

Candidates for Ward 4 School Committe Member

Candidates for Ward 5 School Committe Member

Candidates for Ward 6 School Committee Member

Candidates for Ward 7 School Committe Member

Candidates for Ward 8 School Committe Member

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