Policies for the Newton, Mass., Citizens WebPages

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Philosophy and Statement of Purpose

The intent of these WebPages is to provide important, useful, and interesting information about Newton that is not readily available in the local media on a persistent basis or not otherwise handy.

It is intended for all who have access to the Internet, including those who do not have SLIP/POP accounts, fast modems, high-speed lines, and/or graphical web browsers.

This means that graphics are limited or put off to the side. In addition, making fancy graphics takes time away from developing better cross-links between pages, adding other kinds of information, etc.

Every page that is added here is checked for readability using lynx, Internet Explorer and Netscape. If you are using a different browser, and are having problems reading these pages, please let me (bobbifox@newtoncitizens.com) know.

As a matter of policy, home addresses and phone numbers are not included, except by explicit request, even though they may be a matter of public record because they were printed in the local newspaper.

Because I am not providing maintenance on a 24 hour a day/7 days a week basis, I am not focusing on short term or highly volatile information. Generally, if the information "times out" in less than two weeks, I don't put it up (I reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule).

Submissions Policy

Your submissions are welcome, with the following guidelines:

  • You are representing a non-profit Newton-based organization, or you are requesting listing of an event taking place in Newton that is free to the public.
  • No commercial submissions will be accepted at this time.
  • I prefer receiving submissions via e-mail (bobbifox@newtoncitizens.com), but will consider receiving a floppy. E-mail me to negotiate it.
  • I prefer that submissions be in plain ASCII text (what Microsoft calls "Text Document -- MSDOS format"), preferably with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) tags already there. Sending me a document in Microsoft Word format is guaranteed to cause a delay -- unless you've arranged that with me in advance. (I don't do PageMaker or any other format that MS Word can't handle)
  • Keep in mind that not everyone has The Latest Graphical Browser, and restrict your HTML tags to the already-approved HTML standard (currently HTML 4 transitional)
  • Cross-links to other people's web pages:
    • If you already have a WebPage for your particular department/center/etc., I will provide, at my discretion, on the page(s) I deem most appropriate, a pointer to the top of your main page. I must have an e-mail address to associate with this pointer. For example, if Jo Shmoe (jo_shmoe@wherever.edu) wants me to point to her Wonderful Facts about Newton page, my pointer would look like this:
      Jo Shmoe (jo_shmoe@wherever.edu) maintains the 
      Wonderful Facts About Newton web page.
    • I would appreciate it (although won't necessarily insist) if your page had a pointer back to the Newton Citizens Web Pages.
    • If you want a lot of cross-links between these pages and information on your pages, expect me to want to copy those particular pages and modify them to conform both with the philosophy outlined above and with the general "look and feel" of the rest of the WebPages.
  • Credit where credit is due: I observe the Berne Convention on copyright law, and expect any submission to do the same. This means that wholesale copying of articles, lectures, etc., MUST be accompanied by a statement of permission.

    If you have questions about Copyright Law, I refer you to The Copyright WebSite, maintained by P.J. Benedict O'Mahoney (benedict@benedict.com).

  • I reserve the right not to include a submission. I volunteer my time, I pay for this web space, and for my account. Since I'm responsible, I'm the arbiter.
  • This is a volunteer effort; so please be patient!


Unless otherwise specified, all unsigned material on these pages is Copyright © by Bobbi Fox.

The Newton Citizens WebPages are developed and maintained by me, Bobbi Fox, a Newton resident with an interest in promoting greater communication about my city, especially about the work of the many civic, non-profit, and volunteer organizations with which Newton is blessed. This is an unpaid volunteer effort; I am responsible for all content, unless otherwise stated.

For information about this WebPage, you may contact the WebWeaver, Bobbi Fox (bobbifox@newtoncitizens.com).

Most of the information contained on these pages is gathered from publicly-available information sources, including publications produced by the City of Newton and its agencies, local civic associations' press releases, and newspaper articles. In addition, submissions from private individuals have been incorporated, with the submitter identified.

While every effort is made to provide up-to-the-minute information, this is a volunteer effort, so no warranty is made.


Thanks to (in no particular order):

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