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"...The name 'Newton Corner' is not a popular one among residents there, I realize... It is an old title left over from Newton's farming days. Even 100 years ago, the railroad agreed that it was too prosaic for a sophisticated and growing village and accordingly changed the name of the station to just plain 'Newton.' For the rest of Newton-at-large residents, however, this is confusing..."
-- Elsie M. Husher

Newton Corner is the site of the oldest European settlement in the city of Newton, and the oldest place to be called "Newton" (originally "New Town"). The Post Office also thinks the name of the village is Newton!

Newton Corner is also home to Jackson Homestead, the City Museum, which is also where the Tuesday Evening Folk Concerts take place in the summer.

Elementary Schoools:

Middle School:

Public Transportation

Newton Corner is one of the largest bus transfer points in the city.

This section contains links to the MBTA Website.

  • MBTA Bus #52 (Dedham Mall-Watertown Square)
  • MBTA Bus #57 (Watertown Sq - Kenmore Station )
  • MBTA Bus # 502 [Express Bus] (Watertown - Copley)
  • MBTA Bus # 504 [Express Bus] (Watertown - Downtown [Boston])
  • MBTA Bus #553/554 (Roberts/Waverly [Waltham] - Newton Corner)
  • MBTA Bus #556/558 (Waltham Highlands - Newton Corner)
  • MBTA Bus #556/558 (Auburndale - Newton Corner)

Post Office:

	123 Galen Street
	Newton, MA 02458
	(617) 926-9259

Houses of Worship:

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