Fall 2002 Elections

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Primary Elections Tuesday, September 17th

Below is a list of the candidates for the State Legislature for those districts that are within Newton. I gleaned this list from the Massachusetts Elections Division's list of State Primary Candidates; if you spot a mistake, please let me know.

After installing this page on the website, I was informed that my State Representative District information was out of date. I am indebted to Danny Fain, who sent me the latest State of Massachussetts listing of Representative Districts (never mind that the state's website also has the previous list still up -- and neither list is dated!), and to the Newton League of Women Voters, whose list arrived in my e-mailbox at the same time.

The City of Newton website provides a list of polling locations. To find out in which Ward and Precinct you reside, you can call the Elections Commission at (617) 796-1350, or find your address in the commission's street listing (you'll need Adobe Acrobat to read this file).

Where I have been able to find a web site for these candidates, I am providing it. If you know of a relevant web site not listed, please send me e-mail at bobbifox@world.std.com.

While the both the Greens Party and the Republican Party are fielding candidates on a state wide level, neither have candidates running for the positions listed below.

Senator in General Court (First Middlesex & Norfolk)

Democratic Party

(State) Representative in General Court

10th Middlesex

Ward one (precincts 1 and 4), Ward three (precinct 4)

Democratic Party

11th Middlesex

Ward One (precincts 2 and 3), Ward two (all precincts), Ward three (precincts 1, 2, and 3), Ward four (all precincts), Ward five (precinct 4), Ward seven (precinct 2).

Democratic Party

Libertarian Party

12th Middlesex

Ward five (precincts 1, 2, and 3), Ward six (all precincts), Ward seven (precints 1, 3, and 4) and Ward eight (all precincts)

Democratic Party

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