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The LWVN Board of Directors meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Unit meetings on various issues are also held each month. All members are welcome. Meeting times and locations will be posted in both the newsletter and the calendar section of this web site. Attending board meetings is a great way for new members to learn League process and for more seasoned members to stay connected. We hope to see you there.

In addition, the Directors will meet monthly for a working board meeting to discuss special issues and to set the agenda for the next board meeting. Working board meetings will be held two weeks prior to the regular board meeting. Send e-mail to to confirm the date and location.

LWVN Officers and Board of Directors, 2003 -- 2004


  Amelia Koch
(617) 244-2646
Vice President
  Bonnie Carter
(617) 969-0686  
Vice President
  Deborah Crossley
Vice President
  Andrea Kelley
(617) 964-4609  
Corresponding Secretary
  Robin Maltz
(617) 969-1554  
  Andrea Kozinetz
(617) 964-6490  


Voter Service
  Sue Rosenbaum
(617) 332-0306  
  Jody Klein
(617) 244-4767  
  Pat Acton
(617) 965-5572  
City Finance
  Ruby Ajanee
(617) 243-9888  
  Deborah Atwood
(617) 964-7374  
  Ann Grantham
(617) 964-0333  
  Beth Lowd
(617) 332-1978  
Legislation/ Roundtable
  Janet Stearns
(617) 559-9987  
Unit Organization
  Ruth Neiberg
(617) 969-9329  

Off-Board Specialists

Environmental Issues
  Linda Walden
(617) 630-9538  
Human Rights
  Holly Gunner
(617) 964-0767  

Useful numbers and websites

LWVMass (617) 523-2999
LWVMass Voter Information Phone (617) 723-1421  
Democracy Network
Secretary of State, Elections Division
City of Newton
Newton, Mass., Citizens Web Pages

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